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From Internet to Real: Some words of caution.


Self-Protection in Virtual Context:
Your 3D Virtual setup (3D-House: Roomancer rooms)
is just the same as your real home or appartment!
Keeping griefers away and being at peace is very simple.
Roomancer Forefathers have provided several Tools for that:

1- Keep your doors closed; On Roomancer, click on the button “House”,
Click on the small arrow to the right of the Room Name,
Set up the Properties for that Room.

2- Adjust your Team-Limit;
To the Right Side Bar, click on 05-Team Limit,
Set your Team Limit to the lowest number.
(you will get a message when a member tries to Team you).

3- Adjust your setting not displaying your wherabouts;
To the Right Side Bar, click on 37-Profile & Privacy,
Scroll down to “Show Activity”, Uncheck the box.
Your activities will NOT be revealed by Community Server Notifications,
and the member you are visiting will NOT be shown on your nickpage).

4- Ask reputed Genuine Long-Time members
about other members you do not know.

5- Read the Nickpage before allowing “Buddy”;
Pay attention to House-name, Age, Interests & Portrayal,
How long a member and Number of logins.
(active members log in 20/30 times per month).

6- Get rid of trouble-makers (griefers);
Right-click on a Visitor, select “Dismiss”.

7- Do not respond to bullying (nasty messages);
All they want is to engage into feed backs.

8- Put an end to nuisance (harassments and annoyances);
Go on the member’s Nickpage, press the blue button “Ignore”.
(remove “buddy” for that Button to appear)
Members on Ignore cannot visit, and cannot send message.

3D Virtual environment must provide positive interactions.

Your Roomancer-House is just the same as your real home.


Enjoy privacy and peace,
and participate in your Virtual Community!

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In virtual contexts that attempt to encourage creativity,
3D Characters does embody real people!
if it involves moral consequences,
if it really matters in an ethical or moral sense,
it cannot be “just a game”.
(Johan Huizinga)