– History –

The OneColony:
Working to make a harmonious community.

Rose colony members:
A group of Roomancer virtual citizens
Newcomers and/or Rose descendants
Who settle in a their own territory (OneCommunity),
(Moove website only provides Roomancer Login on internet).


The philosophy behind ONE Magazine as Roomancer 3D virtual-citizens,
We are ultimately ONE through interconnectedness.
By shaping our lives in the philosophy of ONE,
We help each soul grow in its true path.

As individuals, Virtual-Citizens of the OneColony,
Friendship is our basic motivation and inspiration.

We do achieve growth and success when our dreams,
goals, and action are Harmonious.

Because division creates strife, conflicts, war,
separation, sorrow, misery, and a state of utter chaos.

As inhabitants of the One-Colony Vitual Community,
if we learn to overcome our seeming differences,
if we learn to think, speak, and act in the philosophy of ONE,
if we learn to appreciate, to be be kind and compassionate,
if we will learn to forgive,
We make this 3D World a better place
and make our virtual experience satisfying.

Let us live in the spirit of togetherness!


Inspired by: Philosophy of ONE © 2005


Was conceived in 1995 by
Lothar Bongartz and Dr. Kozan GbR
(PhD in 3D computer programing)