– Help and Info –

This Virtual Community is not a “game”. If you are really interested in 3D Virtual Life,
If you have enough patience for learning how to operate
this elaborate 3D program/Peer-to-Peer system (Roomancer),
there is a fascinating horizon in front of you!
Roomancer requires at least a month to get familiar with.
If you are serious about 3D Virtual Life, do communicate with: xMariannax
And she will be guiding you to the right resources.


After you did register a Nickname
(a name or words, 16-18 letters),
You can download Roomancer Peer-to-Peer system,
which will sit in your computer and you will keep it forever.
You can even use Roomancer without being connected to internet!
> Register a Nickname < (Roomancer internet server)
> Download Roomancer < (your own 3D Home/Peer-to-Peer system).



Roomancer features: 3D Chat Software Roomancer.
Managing: Your own 3D House (items and rooms).
Clubs: Creating and listing your Place (for public access).
Downloading and Installing: Usefull guide.

1- Newcomers Introduction to
> Roomancer <
(3D Interface / Peer-to-Peer system)


Details: > German <> Spanish <> French <

2- Advanced Descriptions
> Environment <
(3D Set Up and Functions)

3- Elaborate Descriptions & Services
(WebMode, Dropping files, etc.)
> Services <

Moove website (the usual Community Page)
is only for Roomancer to login on it’s dedicated server
(community.moove.com/cs), the Community Server.
So that it can operate on internet.

It used to be the “arbour” to Roomancer users,
but nowadays Moove website has become a den for Trolls.

Roomancer OneColony website dos provide a Community arbour
(One-Hub). Reliable, Flexible, Calm, Safe, Positive…
Unindered by Trouble-Makers (Griefers).


The Roomancer Interface has 2 parts:
(A) The 3D House, and (B) The Normal Browser.
(the peer-to-peer connection is built-in)

For accessing each other back and forth,
Simply click on the rectangle to the upper right corner
(a Rose or the 3D Room).

A- The 3D House is your Home on internet,
B- The Normal Browser is your access to internet.
Copy this URL
go Paste it in the Roomancer Address Bar
(just below Community button),
and press Enter.
(after that, you can close this browser)


On the page -Roomancer-/The OneColony
(One-Hub Features, 99-Live-Forum)
There is a Live-Forum where anybody can post comments.
(nasty posts will be removed and User banished)

Boards and Communication:
Virtual Citizens of the OneColony
they can feature their own Boards, just like Newpapers,
by creating a webpage (WordPress) as a dedicated Board.

If you have any question;
Do communicate with xMariannax